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top 5 wallet problems solved

How the top 5 wallet problems are solved by Big Skinny Wallets.

The big skinny way

  • Durable Image


    Nylon Big Skinny wallets last 4-10 years: Leather Hybrid Big Skinnies last 5-15 years

  • Materials + workmanship Image

    Materials + workmanship

    .2mm 230 denier nylon is 12X thinner than leather + Double-Edged Stitching makes them tougher and stronger

  • Since 2005 Image

    Since 2005

    Thousands of Big Skinny reviews and customer videos show why our wallets are the thinnest in the world


    COMPARE: Thinner

    Hate Thick Wallets? Big Skinny wallets will reduce your wallet's thickness and weight by 50-75% or more depending on how many layers of thick leather or canvas your current wallet contains. Watch our video for a side by side wallet comparison action.

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    Non-Slip Grip

    Big Skinny wallets feature a non-slip interior coating allowing you to stylishly sport around without losing your goods to gravity. Because of the non-slip interior, Big Skinny wallets have extra-wide card pockets so it's easier on fingers & increases capacity!

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  • Wallet weight


    50+% lighter: our unique nylon micro-fiber wallets and leather hybrid wallet models are not only more slim and thin but are also very light wallets so you can barely notice them in your front or back pockets.

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    Our high-performance nylon microfiber line of wallets are water-resistant and tough enough to machine wash regularly.

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