Big Skinny Bios

Big Skinny wallets were originally designed by Kiril Stefan Alexandrov because he loathed sitting on a thick, heavy leather wallet. He created one basic model [the Sport Wallet] in 2005. Dozens of wallet styles have since been added and more are on the way. Kiril's entrepreneurial background includes founding multiple businesses in the Boston area. Vices: addicted to researching stuff online ad nauseum

Catherine Brown Alexandrov…, is COO, which really means, when you're running a small business, cat-of-all-trades; from operations, to updating the website, general management, to fun stuff like inventory analysis, she adds a caffeinated boost to the wallet business [and dry humor to the website, eh?]. The duo have four mini-skinnies: Stefan [10], Jack [7], Annika [4] and Rex [2] Her background is in marketing and public relations for retail. Vices include: Dunkin Donuts iced coffee, correcting people's grammar...
Stephanie McBride… also known as Stephaine McBridge, our in-house Amazon expert and Wholesale Manager, tackles the nitty gritty and ever-changing world of Amazon, making sure product arrives on time, customers are happy, and things flow smoothly. She fares from the commonwealth of Virginia. Stephanie loves small furry critters, especially squirrels and her tuxedo cat Smitty.
BS: What is the most interesting place you've traveled to?
SMcB: Having lived on 3 continents and traveled to over a dozen countries, I would have to say Boston. The creative, intelligent, neurotic people of Boston have captured my heart.
Lianne Deal… also known as Lianne Deal, is our Vendor Manager. She orchestrates all the technical nuances involved with running our vendor program, making sure that they have the product they need, shows are listed, and everything is running smoothly. She and her husband have three children. Lianne is a big Patriot's fan, and probably loves Diet Coke just as much.
Prague Kalaivanan… also known as Prague Kalaivanan, is our online marketing and social media director. He keeps us older folks up to date on new social media trends, updates our Instagram, Facebook, etc, and manages our marketing campaigns. Prague has a hardcore sweet tooth and has been known to wear a crown on his birthday. He fares from India but probably speaks English better than most people we know.
Endicia Mohaan Strativarius... answers phones, goes on Dunkin Donuts runs, packs thin wallets, disentangles quadratic equations, speaks in iambic pentameter, and serves as Big Skinny Wallet Jester-in-residence. Her inflated sense of humor makes everyone laugh.
Phobias: needles, hot temperatures
Likes: friendly customers, long walks on the beach, skinny wallets