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Credit Card Holders, Cases, & Wallets

New Yorker Wallet
136 Reviews
Verdant Green NYGREENBrown NHBRN15Purple NYPUR15Tuxedo Black NYBLK15Coral NYCORAL
Leather New Yorker Card Holder
42 Reviews
tuxedo black NYBLK19Graphite LNYGRAPOcean Blue LNYOBLURed NYRD19
Leather Magnetic Money Clip
67 Reviews
tuxedo black MGBK2495
Money Clip Wallet with Magnet
97 Reviews
tuxedo black MCBK2050chocolate brown MCBR2050Graphite MGGRAPHITE
Stainless Steel Mesh Wallet Comb by Go-Comb
5 Reviews
Stainless Steel Silver SSMFTCStainless Steel Matte Black MBMFTC
Leather Card Case
25 Reviews
Tuxedo blackRed
Card Case
72 Reviews
Ocean Blue CCOCNBLUEPurple CCPUR850Graphite Gray CCGRAPHITETuxedo Black CCBLK850Brown CCBRN850
Leather Magnetic Cash Clip
11 Reviews
Magnetic Cash Clip
5 Reviews
Tuxedo Black MGCCBK3Toffee MGTOFF
Stainless Steel Deco Comb
2 Reviews
Mini Skinny Card Holder
92 Reviews
Leather Mini Skinny
21 Reviews
tuxedo black MSBK1350
Wallet Ninja
2 Reviews
Open-sided Mini Skinny Card Case
74 Reviews
Leather Open-Sided Mini Skinny Card Case
24 Reviews
Tuxedo Black SKNYBK14Chocolate Brown LOSMSBR
Leather Badge Holder
6 Reviews
Tuxedo Black
Little Book of Cards
11 Reviews
Badge Holder
3 Reviews
Polka Accordion Card Case
19 Reviews
electric purpleBlack POLKABLKOcean Blue POLKAOBLUE
Money Penny Coin Holder
97 Reviews
Electric Purple PENPUR14Cornflower Blue PENCRNBLTuxedo Black PENBK14Coral PENCORAL
Card Holder
57 Reviews
19 Reviews
Leather Card Holder
16 Reviews
black CHIILBLred LCHRD1695
Card Insert
6 Reviews
ID Insert
2 Reviews
RFID Credit Card Sleeve
19 Reviews
Key Case
8 Reviews
Leather Key Case
4 Reviews
Stainless Steel Bottle Opener Comb
1 Review
Stainless Steel SSMCBOPEN
RFID Passport Sleeve
6 Reviews
Mini Stretch
15 Reviews
Card Holder with Zippered Pocket
27 Reviews
Acrobat Money-Clip Bi-Fold Wallet
69 Reviews
Tuxedo Black ABLK24Chocolate/Cordovan Brown ABRN24Navy ANVY24
Leather Acrobat Money Clip Bi-Fold Wallet
92 Reviews
tuxedo blackchocolate brown
Lynx Zippered Wallet
85 Reviews
tuxedo black LYXBK26electric purple LYNXPURocean blue LYNXOBLU
Skinny Mini Pen
29 Reviews
Skinny Mini Pen Replenishment Kit
1 Review

We have nylon microfiber credit card wallets. We have hybrid leather small credit card holders with premium cowhide leather on the outside and nylon microfiber on the inside, so they're still skinny. Our small wallets for credit cards, money clip wallets and leather card cases have enough pockets for your cards, cash and ID. Plus, each pocket has an anti-slip lining to prevent your cards and cash from spilling out. We have leather magnetic cash clips and open-sided Mini Skinny card cases. We have compact badge holder wallets and accordion card cases that expand to fit lots and lots of cards and cash.

Big Skinny specializes in crafting super skinny and lightweight wallets. Our use of nylon microfiber is the key to our success in creating amazing products like our slim credit card wallet or our women's credit card wallet with its smart, multi-tiered layout. Nylon microfiber is a paper thin material with a surprisingly high capacity for durability. Every one of our skinny wallets, including our magnetic credit card holder and our credit card case models, use this ultra-thin material.

The combination of high durability and super thin allows us to design wallets that maximize space and storage options without endangering the integrity of the construction. We use techniques like glued and folded double-stitched seams to ensure splitting, fraying and tearing are out of the question. To maximize your storage options, we've made each card pocket expansive enough to fit multiple cards-- usually 3-5, to ensure you get the most out of your wallet.

Another benefit of using nylon microfiber is the built-in water-resistance of the material. Our wallets are not only super skinny and big on storage, they will also protect your bills, cards and valuables from water damage, which is a common concern for most wallet owners, especially those who love outdoor activities like hiking and canoeing.

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