Material & Care

Our wallets are tough! We've designed them to last and we back up our commitment to bringing you quality products. See our wallet warranty. Construction and materials:
NYLON MICROFIBER is thin, light-weight, synthetic material commonly used in athletic jackets and bags. It is a “fiber with less than 1 Decitex per filament… The shape, size and combinations of synthetic fibers are selected for specific characteristics, including: softness, durability, absorption, wicking abilities, water repellency, electrodynamics, and filtering capabilities." [Source, Wikipedia]. After testing hundreds of materials for our wallets, we chose nylon microfiber because it was incredibly thin while remaining incredibly tough. To further enhance the already-fantastic qualities of nylon micro-fiber, we lined the material with a non-slick coating, which helps prevent your cards and cash from sliding out. Nylon micro-fiber is a water-resistant material, making our products great for sporting, trips to the beach, boating, etc. It wicks moisture away, decreasing “sweaty wallet butt," a common problem! CARING FOR YOUR NYLON MICROFIBER BIG SKINNY:
Yes, it's true! You can pop these in the washing machine! Our COO Catherine even got pen ink out of her Executive wallet. Please do not put these in the dryer – the heat will damage the product and void the warranty. Your wallet should air dry in a brief period of time. HYBRID WALLETS FEATURE TOP-GRAIN COWHIDE LEATHER and nylon micro-fiber. In an effort to create an ultra-thin leather wallet, we have crafted the interior with thin nylon microfiber and put top-grain cowhide on the outside. What is top-grain cowhide leather? “Top-grain cowhide is the outermost, smoothest part of the hide…The top grain is more durable and flexible than the first and second splits" [source,]. We use top-grain cowhide for its durability and good looks… it is our desire that your wallet last and look even better with time! You'll see “genuine leather" stamped in most wallets, which is simply means that it is in fact leather, but typically the cheapest, least durable grade out there – thus why most wallets last an average of 14 months. The union of top-grain cowhide leather and nylon microfiber creates a beautiful, sturdy, thin product you'll love using everyday! CARING FOR YOUR LEATHER HYBRID BIG SKINNY:
Since our leather is tough, little is needed in terms of upkeep. Some important things to keep in mind though: leather is NOT water resistant and washing your leather wallet will void the warranty… keep leather away from great heat sources, like the dryer. Don't go swimming with your wallet! If you do get your wallet wet or dirty, here are some tips from eHow: “Wet leather should be cleaned, conditioned and polished before it is allowed to dry… stains resulting from food or blood can be eliminated with a damp cloth rub, while oil and grease stains are known to be removed with regular chalk." Leather polish can be used to add lustre to your wallet, if desired. Always test a small area of leather first. Other materials and craftsmanship of Big Skinny products: STITCHING: In our commitment to creating long-lasting durable products [we're not a fan of this new trend of “planned obsolescence!"] we tuck the edges of our products inward, glue the seams and then use strong thread to sew the seams. This method, called double-edging prevents fraying and promotes longevity. Thus, no raw edges are exposed to wear. SNAPS: After testing different snap styles, we have concluded that flat, magnetic snaps work the best for our wallets. They hold the wallet securely closed yet are still easy to open. The best of both worlds! These snaps are great for arthritic hands as well… no more struggling, yet the wallet won't open up in your bag. We've had people ask us “will the magnet damage my credit cards or cellphone"? In short, no. In four years of selling thousands of these snap wallets, we have not had a single complaint regarding this worry. And, according to the folks at the Apple Store, it would take a 5lb magnet to damage a mobile phone. Rest assured! ZIPPERS: High quality zippers are used for our wallets so your goods stay in place – even when the pockets are stuffed with coins and other tchotchkes. Again, we invite you to review our WALLET GUARANTEE page. If you EVER have a problem pertaining to the materials and workmanship of your Big Skinny product, it is covered under a one-year warranty. Wow! We hope you enjoy your product! We've worked hard over the years to provide high-quality wallets, card cases, travel goods and other merchandise for our loyal, ever-growing fan base.