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We've done the homework for you... The best of the best, BigSkinny products are about five times slimmer and lighter than the average wallet. After comparing BigSkinny wallets to thousands of competitors, consumers agree that BigSkinny offers unbeatable designs that are not only long-lasting, but also more comfortable. Using innovative nylon micro-fiber material, our products are artfully made to accommodate all of your wallet functions and style tastes. Our leather-hybrid wallets also use this nylon micro-fiber on their inside layers, allowing even your classiest wallets to remain thin. The material we use is water-resistant, so when your friend who thinks he's funny throws you into a pool, your wallet will live to tell the tale after drying out in just an hour. Our wallets also use a non-slip coating on the material, so that your cash and cards will not slip out, as opposed to other wallets. BigSkinny wallets make the ideal gifts for everyone you know and love.