About Us

About Us

About Us
Big Skinny / (big skin’ e) / adj./ 1. the most thin. 2. (noun/ slang) insider information; truth, the most important fact(s) or reason(s), e.g. ''What's the Big Skinny on your hot Bulgarian supermodel friend?" Or, "Don't mess around; just give me the Big Skinny."

Hate THICK wallets? For as long as I can remember, I've been searching for a thin wallet. I tried every advertised thin wallet and then everything else to keep my cash and cards organized together and to avoid having that uncomfortable and unsightly brick in my pocket. I felt like George Costanza with his wallet problems from the famous Seinfeld TV episode. I couldn't find anything that worked or even looked good; in reality, perhaps I was really looking for the anti-wallet.

Finally in frustration, I designed the original thin Big Skinny sport wallet. It took almost 2 years of testing dozens of designs and over 75 natural and man-made materials searching for the right balance of "thin wallet" yet with good looks, functionality, and durability. Using an advanced version of the stylish nylon micro-fiber material (5 to 7 times thinner than leather) that made Prada famous along with the special design resulted in a slim wallet so unique that I just had to name it. Imagine a well-organized slim wallet that you barely notice yet is good-looking and can fit 20+ credit cards plus bills.

Now using our 3rd generation of new, improved thin nylon-microfiber, our line of Big Skinny wallets are the world's thinnest wallets that are better for your back and will make you look and feel thin. We now have wallet models for men and women, a leather nylon hybrid wallet series, and also the thin sleek Super Skinny wallet which cuts your cards in half for extra thinness. Enjoy the benefits of the growing Big Skinny wallet line and, as always since founding Big Skinny in 2005, we look forward to hearing and incorporating your suggestions for improvement and new designs. We're a small company based in Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA. but we are big on responding quickly to customers. Let us know what wallet you want next--We design based on what our customers tell us!

Kiril Stefan Alexandrov

Former MIT 50K Award Winner
Former Stanford University Global Challenge Winner