green wallet policies

Pretty Green. Big Skinny has always tried to be as green as possible and will continue to do so as new techniques, materials, and opportunities arise (please send us green tips at and we'll start posting them on our pages). Here are some of the ways we try to be as green as possible: Our Wallets are the World's Thinnest Wallets so we use less material. Enough said about the obvious. Our Carbon Neutral Website: CO2Stats makes our website green, energy-efficient, and carbon neutral. We are good friends with the founders of CO2Stats and we pay them a monthly fee to ensure that our website stays carbon neutral as well as energy-efficient, and our website is certified environmentally friendly. HOW? At the end of every month, CO2Stats tallies our website's fossil fuel consumption for that month, and then automatically purchases the appropriate amount of renewable energy from wind and solar farms to compensate. CO2Stats does not purchase carbon offsets. It purchases renewable energy certificates only from audited third-party wind and solar farms. Maybe you'd like a green website too-go to for more info. Our Materials: Our nylon material is made from petroleum products like all other nylons so many progressive recycle centers are now starting to take nylon as a recyclable material. And because nylon lasts a long long time, you'll be buying fewer wallets during your lifetime when you stick with Big Skinny Wallets!
And since we use such a small quantity of very thin leather in our leather-nylon hybrid wallets, there are fewer cows needed thus much much fewer CO2 emissions than the old-school leather wallet companies. Depending on the model, the leather that we do use is either top grain or full-grain which doesn't use many chemicals at all unlike the cheap “genuine leather" which requires tons of chemicals to try to make it look as nice as top grain or full-grain which it can never do anyway. And cheap “genuine leather" doesn't last very long either so more of it has to get used more often which results in more chemicals and more cows. As for our apparel, we use only environmentally friendly 100% cotton which breaks down easily when its natural lifespan is over. And we use electronic gift certificates which saves paper. And you can ask for our special plastic card record keeper which limits the amount of plastic you need to carry. Just send an email to asking for that special PDF file. Our Office: Everyone is green-sensitized at our Big Skinny Headquarters in Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA. We use recycled paper and products at every opportunity. We recycle everything — every box, piece of paper, bottle, piece of plastic, metal, packing peanut, gets re-used and then when even our parsimonious New England natures can't get any life or use out of it anymore, we begrudgingly bring it out for the recyclers to pick up. And while we walk away, we turn back for one last look with angst and sadness that we couldn't think of any other use for it. We are not kidding either, green is in our veins. Sometimes, we think of one more use and run back to rummage through the recycle bins to salvage something and in doing so [especially Kiril does that!], we find other things to re-use from our neighboring offices… see we weren't kidding. In New Hampshire, that's called “Shopping" and they do it all year long and not just starting on Black Friday. Disclaimer: we have a few New Hampshirians in our office... Packaging: Less is more green right? We try to limit the packaging of our wallets and retail displays so less goes to waste as we can't control it all after it leaves our possession. So we try to plan it better downstream by using less packaging upstream. We use the minimal shipping material, minimal retail packaging, minimum retail packaging, and the again the Big Obvious: OUR BIG SKINNY WALLETS ARE THE THINNEST IN THE WORLD!!! Green Bragging Rights: Now you can tell all your friends that not only do you own the world's thinnest wallet, but you also have the greenest wallet in the room from the greenest wallet company in the world! Email this page to prove it and do a little electronic dance on their computer because we all need to be more competitively green right? Save our Big Green Planet, pass it on.