What Sizes do Wallets Come In?

Size is an important attribute at Big Skinny as our wallets are designed to be much thinner and weigh significantly less than conventional wallets. Big Skinny wallets are ultra-thin, flat and small but they can hold large quantities of cash and cards without being bulky. The old saying of different strokes for different folks applies to wallets, too, as people choose a certain style of wallet for their preferences. At Big Skinny, all of our wallets share one similarity: they are thin and provide a comfortable fit in your pocket. Our selection of men's wallets includes: bi-fold, tri-fold, front-pocket wallets, chain wallets and money clip wallets.

  • Bi-fold: These wallets are the traditional style when it comes to a man's wallet. Bi-fold wallets usually have the ID pocket on the right-hand side (when the wallet is opened) with pockets to hold cards on the left. The cash pocket is located behind the ID and credit card pockets. This layout can vary slight depending on the style of bi-fold wallet. Bi-fold wallets are available where the ID and credit cards are placed in a horizontal position while others are designed to hold your ID and cards vertically. If you prefer to carry a smaller wallet, the bi-fold style is a great option.

  • Tri-fold: As the style name suggests, these types of wallets have three sections for holding ID and credit cards with cash being carried in the pocket behind the folds. Similar to bi-fold wallets, tri-fold wallets are available in a variety of sizes. For example, a classic tri-fold wallet can be as small as its bi-fold cousin in terms of length while others are available with a style that supports carrying a checkbook. Tri-fold wallets allow you to carry multiple credit cards, ID cards and cash easily, in fact, we have tri-fold styles that can hold as many as 30 cards. Despite their ability to hold multiple items, Big Skinny tri-fold wallets are still 5-6 times skinnier and lighter than the average wallet.

  • Front pocket: If lightweight is what you want, our front pocket wallet is the style for you. These wallets feature an innovative technology that makes them very light even while holding your ID card, multiple credit cards and cash. Obviously small enough to fit in a front pocket, this wallet is easy to conceal and is very comfortable to carry.

  • Chain wallets: You will be able to make a bold, masculine statement by carrying a chain wallet. This is a larger style wallet that, despite its style, features Big Skinny lightness. These wallets can be used to hold your checkbook in addition to cash and cards. The chain can be clipped to your belt buckle for security and convenience. These wallets are a great option if you are taking a long bike ride and have few of no pockets to carry a traditional wallet. They look cool, too.

  • Money clip wallets: This style is among the smaller wallets available and is perfect for men who typically prefer to carry their cash using a money clip. This style of wallet can hold numerous credit cards and your ID card, but unlike traditional bi-fold or tri-fold wallets, the cash is held by a money clip rather than in a pocket on the wallet. Your cash will be easily accessible (by you) while your cards remain secure in the wallet.

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