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We've already solved the world's biggest wallet problems with our world-skinny wallets that are 50 percent lighter than traditional wallets. Old-fashioned wallets are what we like to call bricks, because that's they look like in your back pocket and that's what they feel like weighing down purses. We also like to share everything we have learned about wallets, from why you really need a credit card sleeve to which wallet is best for surfing, motorcycling, boating, the gym and travel. On our Resource page at, you can impress your friends with what you learn about the history of the wallet, how to clean a leather wallet and more cool bits of information. Click on our Big Skinny Coupon codes for big, not skinny, savings.

We use proprietary nylon microfiber material that is 10 times thinner than leather. Instead of too-small plastic card pockets that can stretch out, causing your credit cards to spill on the ground, our wallet pockets are extra-wide with a non-slip coating inside to secure your cards and cash. Plus, if you drop your Big Skinny wallet into a puddle, just toss it into the washing machine using the gentle cycle and then let it air dry. Shop our dozens of wallet styles for men and women. Kids love Big Skinny wallets, too.

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Officially the thinnest wallet I've ever owned... and I've had 6 decades of wallets! ... read more

-Don, Bangor, ME

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