If you are a regular jogger, a winter skier, a summer fisher or an avid golf player, you know the discomfort of carrying around that wallet. But you can afford to leave it at home in case you need that coffee, grab some lunch or pay the greens fees. The only way around this is to get a sports wallet, but what makes a good sports wallet? Here are the 5 Criteria:

1. Thin and light
The thinner and lighter a wallet is the less you feel it when you are playing your favorite sport. The thinnest wallets are made of nylon microfiber which helps make them over 50% thinner and lighter than normal wallets.

2. Sweat and Water resistant
So that your cards and money don't get drenched in your sweat and if by chance your wallet does fall in the water, you can fish it out before it becomes one soggy mess.

3. Machine Washable
A sports wallet it bout to get dirty and that is unavoidable. But it can be made the machine washable so that you can just throw it in with your laundry and it comes out squeaky clean.

4. Non-Slip Interior Lining
The last thing you want is for a card to fall down while running or cash to fly down the ski slope with you. A non-slip lining will make sure your wallet is safe through all the jiggles, tumbles and turns.

5. Flexible and Stylish
If the wallet is too rigid it prevents your movement and can damage cards inside under some circumstances. So a wallet that bends and moves with you is essential. The cherry on the cake is the style aspect, coz you are one of a kind and your wallet should be too.

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