Five Wallet Problems Solved

We all know what the top 5 wallet problems are and we have all lived with it for all these years. But now, BigSkinny says NO MORE.
Here are all your wallet problems; solved.

1) Thick Wallets:
Everyone hates a thick wallet, whether he/she sitting on it or carrying it a bag or purse. Now you can keep all your stuff and still reduce your wallet size by 50-75%.
How? With BigSkinny, of course! Since we use a proprietary nylon-microfiber that is 10 times thinner than leather or alternative materials and every time you add stuff, you are separating layers of thin nylon rather than thick leather.
Even with our leather hybrid series, your wallet will be greatly reduced since the nylon does all the work on the inside. Since physics is physics and thinner at the beginning means thinner at the end.

2) Heavy Wallets:
The feeling of carrying around extra weight just because your wallet is heavy, is the absolute worst. Not anymore, not with BigSkinny!
Big Skinny is the World's Lightest Wallet: not only thinner but also 50% lighter than leather wallets when filled; most of our wallets weigh around one ounce so all you feel is just what you put in them. The combination of thinner and lighter increases comfort levels and is better for your back and posture particularly when sitting all day. Especially our uniquely designed Super Skinny model.

3) Narrow Card Pockets: We all have had that mini battle with our wallets every day just to put in and take out our cards every day. Now with Big Skinny wallets featuring extra-wide pockets compared to old school pockets, the age old battle has finally ended.
Since everyone invariably overstuffs, you can overstuff with our wallets and still not worry about ripping seams especially since we double-edge the perimeter of our wallets compared to all other wallets that have single-edge stitching. You can fit 3-5 full-sized plastic cards in any of the card pockets of our wallets. So our wallets actually hold more than ordinary wallets.

4) Cards Slipping Out:
Have you lost or misplaced cards coz they simply slipped out of the wallet? Don't worry, we understand, and that is why our Big Skinny wallet material has a non-slip coating on the reverse so it's harder to lose your goods to gravity even when being shaken upside down. Old school wallets have a slick interior so your stuff falls out easily especially since leather and lining material stretches out easily and quickly. Big Skinny helps prevent loss of your contents... pretty vital for anyone who can't afford to lose their items.

5) Easy Wear & Tear:
How many times have wanted to surf or ski but couldn't take your wallet coz it would not survive the sport you love?
Big Skinny wallets are water resistant and tough enough to machine wash regularly, making them the perfect performance sports wallet for all kinds of challenging situations and travel scenarios. Try that with an old-school wallet as many have already only to see their wallet fall apart quickly afterward. But Big Skinny wallets are perfect for the active lifestyle: they easily transition from boat to boardroom. Get your BigSKinny now and never have wallet problems again!