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Thin Zippered Wallets

Zippered Bifold
155 Reviews
Charcoal ZIPCHARChocolate Brown ZFLDBR26Tuxedo Black ZFLDBK26
Taxicat Bi-Fold Wallet
536 Reviews
Electric Purple TAXPUR25Tuxedo Black TAXBK25Verdant Green TAXGREENFloraBerry TAXFLORASmokey Teal TAXTEA25Fuchsia Pink TAXFU25Graphite Cobble TAXCOBBLEPlum Dot TAXPLUDOTOcean Blue TXIOCBLUECoral TAXCORALLemonFlower TAXLEMFLKey Lime TAXKEYLIDotty TAXDOTTYTAXLSRED Lipstick Red
Money Penny Coin Holder
126 Reviews
Electric Purple PENPUR14FloraBerry PENFLORATuxedo Black PENBK14Coral PENCORALPlum Dot PENPLUDOTPENLSRED Lipstick RedDotty PENDOTTY
Lynx Zippered Wallet
111 Reviews
tuxedo black LYXBK26electric purple LYNXPURocean blue LYNXOBLU
Jaguar Credit Card Wallet
93 Reviews
Electric Purple JAGPUR2495Tuxedo Black JAGBLK2495Ocean Blue JAGOCBLU
Panther Clutch
190 Reviews
electric purple CLUPUR30Ftuxedo black CLUBBK30FOcean Blue CLUOBLUCoral CLUCORALLipstick Red CLULSREDDotty CLUDOTTYFloraberry CLUFLORA
Motorcycle Bifold Checkbook Wallet with chain
33 Reviews
$25.95  $19.95
Black MOTBK26
Leather Motorcycle Wallet w/chain
31 Reviews
$35.95  $21.95
Tuxedo Black MOTBK33
myPhone Wallet
140 Reviews
Graphite MYGRAPH
Leather Taxicat Bi-Fold Wallet
163 Reviews
lipstick red TAXRD27tuxedo black TAXBK27Fuchsia LTAXFU
Leather Executive Checkbook Wallet
128 Reviews
Tuxedo Black LEXBLK3095Ocean Blue LEXOBLUVerdant Green LEXGRNRed LEXRD3095Navy LEXENY

Smart Materials and Fabrics

Nylon microfiber is our go-to material for making super skinny wallets. Even our zippered wallets are crafted from this paper thin material that is virtually indestructible. With the added security of the zipper there is no chance that your valuables will fall out. We've even added a non-slip coating to the inside pockets so you won't have to worry about cards and cash slipping out of place and falling out whenever you unzip.

Plenty of Styles to Choose From

We offer our zippered wallets in several styles including our bifold, checkbook wallet, cellphone wallet and coin purse. We also have a fabulous zippered clutch for girls who hate carrying around heavy purses. Many of our zippered wallets are available in a range of bright, matte, and dark hues. Fun prints and patterned wallets are also stocked for anyone looking to make a statement.

Storage Pockets and Special Features

As always, we really love stocking up on pockets. Our zippered wallets come with the same huge selection of extra-wide pockets you'll find in your regular skinny wallets. Each pocket is specially crafted to fit at least 3 to 4 cards. Wallets with clear ID pockets are also available, as are wallets with cellphone slots.

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