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Coin Purses & SLeeves

Stainless Steel Deco Comb
2 Reviews
Stainless Steel Mesh Wallet Comb by Go-Comb
5 Reviews
Stainless Steel Silver SSMFTCStainless Steel Matte Black MBMFTC
Wallet Strap
6 Reviews
Money Penny Coin Holder
97 Reviews
Electric Purple PENPUR14Cornflower Blue PENCRNBLTuxedo Black PENBK14Coral PENCORAL
Wallet Ninja
2 Reviews
RFID Blocking Traveler Wallet
28 Reviews
Card Insert
6 Reviews
ID Insert
2 Reviews
Tri-fold Wallet Card Insert or Photo Insert
20 Reviews
Bifold Wallet Card Insert and photo insert
15 Reviews
Hipster Double-High Wallet Insert
12 Reviews
RFID Credit Card Sleeve
19 Reviews
RFID Passport Sleeve
6 Reviews
Swiss Checkbook Cover
57 Reviews
$13.95  $9.95
tuxedo black CKBK14chocolate brownPurple CHCKPUR
Key Case
8 Reviews
Leather Key Case
4 Reviews
Skinny Mini Pen
29 Reviews
Skinny Mini Pen Replenishment Kit
1 Review

Smart Materials and Fabrics

Every wallet is made with our proprietary nylon microfiber material which is incredibly lightweight, durable and water-resistant. We're talking three to five times lighter than regular leather wallets - no joke. We have small wallets for women and big wallets for women, but their super thin profile is undisputable. These super-skinny wallets also keep everything you need in one compact, convenient package. No more bulging wallets that can't fit all your cards and cash. Our extra-large, no-slip pockets provide room for all your cards so you don't have to leave anything at home. The result is a wallet that's at least 50 percent thinner than your typical wallet. For ladies who love to shop and have a passion for store credit cards, that's a win-win.

Plenty of Styles to Choose From

We love variety here are Big Skinny, which is why we've used our space-saving design tactics to craft wallets in a huge selection of styles. We have a women's wallet in every style for every occasion and every kind of woman. Prefer a matte finish and a handful of credit card pockets? We have that. Maybe you're more of a zippered clutch kind of girl? We have that too. Phone case wallets, clutches, trifolds, bifolds, money clips, ID cases-whatever style you can think of, we've managed to use our smart space-saving layouts and super thin materials to construct a thin women's wallet in the style you want.

Storage Pockets and Special Features

The majority of our wallets have credit card storage pockets that can house anywhere from three to five cards per pocket. Many of our bifold designs also have extra-wide internal pockets that can hold even more plastic cards. With each wallet carrying several of these pockets, you can store stacks and stacks of cards in your wallet without having to worry about losing that super thin profile. Some of our women's wallets can hold as many as 60 plastic cards!

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