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Which Celebrities Use Money Clips?

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A Popular Gift at Celebrity Weddings

While there haven't been any celebrity sightings featuring money clips as of late, according to celebrity wedding planners, money clips are very fashionable as gifts in the celebrity wedding circuit. In fact, celebrities are in some ways quite the traditional bunch and enjoy treating their friends and families even on their wedding days.

Gifts for the bridesmaids and groomsmen are customary. Many couples will give their wedding parties gifts that show their appreciation for the love and support these people have offered them over the years, and most importantly in the months leading up to the wedding. Since, bridesmaids and groomsmen are often given tasks and jobs to complete before the big day, it's considered polite to thank them for their efforts with a gift.

For celebrities the pressure is on to make these gifts personal, tasteful and useful. Money clips are the overwhelmingly popular choice for honoring groomsmen. Celebrities will often arrange for each money clip to be personalized in some way with an engraving of a quote that is representative of the relationship they share with the couple or simply with the initials of the groomsman the clip is intended for.

Even if you don't see celebrities parading their money clips about, they are still very much a part of celebrity style.

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