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What Size is a Wallet Photo?

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Interestingly, although referred to as wallet size photos, these photos and dimensions were usually geared toward picture placement in a photo album rather than the wallet. If the dimensions provided by the photo industry do not answer the question of "will this photo fit in my wallet," use the size of common items that are normally placed in your wallet as a guide. For example, business cards are typically 2 x 3.5 and credit cards are a bit shorter (length-wise) than business cards. If you own a Big Skinny money clip wallet, the wallet size photo will be too large and would need to be cropped. On the other hand, if you carry an L-shaped wallet or World Bi-Fold wallet, the classic photo size will work. If you have wallet size photos that you want to carry in your wallet, your best bet would be to crop the photo to a 2 x 3 size as this will fit in any model of Big Skinny wallet.

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