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What's the Best Wallet in 2019?

Big Skinny carries a number of multipurpose cell phone wallets that are ideal for anyone who's tired of rummaging around a bag or dealing with overflowing pockets. Each of these slim wallets offers the same impressive amount of storage space as our regular wallets, but they also offer a protective slide pocket for just about any type of cell phone on the opposite side. You'll be able to pay for your morning coffee and catch up with a long distance friend all in one fell swoop - though we hope you have the good manners to end that phone call before ordering!

Unlike many types of cell phone wallets that are made with stiff, cumbersome materials that are difficult to store, Big Skinny's cell phone wallets are slim, sporty and convenient enough for everyday use. Our basic Executive Phone Wallet offers the goods looks and functionality that Big Skinny is known for, and it comes in a wide variety of color choices for a completely customized look. The stylish nylon microfiber material is five to seven times thinner than leather to make it easy to tuck away inside of a pocket, and the wallet can accommodate over 30 different credit cards, identification cards and loyalty cards that you use at your go-to shops and restaurants. While this may seem like an impressive wallet already, the Executive Phone Wallet also contains a cell phone pocket on the reverse side with an elasticized strap that holds your device securely in place. The elastic quality gives it enough stretch to accommodate wider and taller phones, including most smart phones. The same elastic material has been used to create the pocket that holds the phone to ensure true versatility. Not only can you get this wallet for yourself, you can get it for family and friends and you'll never have to worry about the pocket being too small or too large.

It's obvious why cell phone wallets are so important in this fast-paced, technologically advanced world, but that doesn't mean that they're all created equally. We think that the cell phone wallet is the top wallet trend, but we also believe that said wallet needs to be compact, protective and equally able to hold your cards and money (that is what a wallet is meant for, after all). Big Skinny offers the myPhone Wallet to be just that go everywhere, hold everything type of wallet. It's an even slimmer, sportier option than the Executive Phone Wallet, but it still has seven pockets that can each hold three to four cards. The cell phone pocket on the reverse side holds your iPhone, Android or other standard-sized smartphone with ease, while the billfold compartment and change pocket can hold good old-fashioned currencies. Best of all, an elasticized strap with a sturdy magnet holds your cell phone securely in place without harming the gizmos and gadgets inside of your cell phone - we even checked with MIT and Harvard experts to be sure.

Keeping your cell phone and your money in one place is beneficial for more than just days when you're on the go. Anyone who frequently jogs plays sports or even just works out at a gym understands how difficult it can be to keep your belongings safe and protected while you're exercising, but a convenient cell phone wallet just might be the solution to your workout woes. A durable, water-resistant nylon microfiber wallet is the ideal addition to your athletic gear because it can withstand the impact of high-energy activities and the sweat that goes along with them.

Having everything you need in one place is convenient for special events, when you're travelling, and even just for everyday use. Wannabe minimalists will love these wallets because they give you the illusion of following a minimalist approach to wallet organization without committing to the intensity of the lifestyle. For minimalists and people who love saving space, this is the best nylon wallet on the market.

Big Skinny's Cell Phone Sport Wallet contains just about everything you need to keep your phone and your money secure while you exercise. The elasticized mobile phone pocket is large enough to fit just about any phone, and the corresponding elastic strap keeps it from falling out when you run, jump or pump iron at the gym. Two credit card pockets and a clear ID card pocket can accommodate approximately nine cards each, and a zippered pocket around the wallet's perimeter easily stows cash and coins. The Cell Phone Sport Wallet is neutral enough to suit both males and females, and it comes in a variety of colors that help you to match it to the rest of your workout gear.

While Big Skinny offers a whole slew of great wallets that are slim-shaped and stylish, we think that our cell phone wallets are going to become the next big thing. Whether you're a woman who's always on the go, a man who spends the day at the office or a teen with an active, athletic lifestyle, these multipurpose wallets will make life easier for just about anyone. Shop Big Skinny's selection of cell phone wallets at great prices and you may even find yourself with a bit more cash leftover in that spacious billfold pocket.

Each style of phone wallet is available in several colors, prints and patterns. They make fantastic birthday and holiday gifts. The one-of-a-kind mix of style and functionality is unmatched by traditional wallets. As we become more and more attached to our phones, the natural evolution of the wallet could only be to include a pocket for our phones.

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