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What is RFID Blocking Material Made Of?

<strong>RFID</strong> Blocking Bi-fold
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RFID Blocking Curve Bifold [Nylon]
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RFID Blocking Traveler Wallet
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Smart Materials and Fabrics

You may be asking, "What is RFID blocking material made of?" We use a poly-blend of copper and nickel incorporated into the design of the wallet that surrounds everything inside in an RFID-blocking Faraday cage of sorts. These materials help protect your cards from skimmers in the ten to three thousand megahertz range of frequencies. These steps are necessary because credit cards have Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips that can contain personal information including the card holder's name, address, Social Security number, telephone number and account information such as credit card numbers, PIN numbers and expiration dates. This information will make your transaction faster, but in the hands of thieves, it can be personally and financially devastating. Thieves can use RFID skimmers to steal your card information without your knowledge. These skimmers can be as small as a tablet or laptop and your credit card information can be obtained very quickly be these thieves if cards are unprotected. Our RFID blocking technology is built into the wallet, so you will not have to do anything to enjoy the benefits of these security measures. Simply place your credit cards inside the wallet and you will be safe from data information thieves.

Plenty of Styles to Choose From

Big Skinny stocks a whole collection of wallets with RFID technology. These wallets also usually feature nylon microfiber to ensure they meet the Big Skinny standard for super thin wallets. We have regular bifold styles, curved bifolds and a traveller wallet version. The RFID bifold looks and feels exactly like our skinny nylon bifolds. The curved bifold has a unique curved edge that's specifically designed for protecting the insides of pants pockets and coat pockets from sharp edges. The curved shaped makes the whole wallet carrying experience far more comfortable. Finally, the traveller wallet is much like a bifold, but with a longer length. It's taller, vertical design is ideal for carrying passports.

Storage Pockets and Special Features

A huge plus of these wallets is obviously the RFID technology. Microchips in passports, credit cards and debit cards are all protected from lurking thieves no matter where you are. RFID wallets are a simple and cost efficient way to give yourself some peace of mind in the technological golden age. In addition to the RFID blocking, you can expect exactly the same great features you'd get in a regular Big Skinny wallet: waterproofing, durability and lots of card space.

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