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What Are Money Clips Made Of?

Leather Magnetic Cash Clip
15 Reviews
Tuxedo Black LMGCBK3
Leather Magnetic Money Clip
93 Reviews
tuxedo black MGBK2495
Magnetic Cash Clip
7 Reviews
Tuxedo Black MGCCBK3
Magnetic money clips are a little more sophisticated than the basic metal clip, but they are also pretty simple. They have a magnetic closure that keeps the money grasped between two arms to create that clip effect. The magnets used to hold the closure shut are fairly strong and will typically allow for between 10-20 folded bills (sometimes more) to be held between the arms.

Magnetic money clips have a lot of positives to offer and will rectify some of the issues with the standard metal money clip. Magnetic clips are usually made of leather or a fabric material like nylon micro-fiber that encloses the magnets. The fabric arms are easier on pockets and won't cause them to tear. They also draw less attention than the shiny metal clips when you pull it out to retrieve your money. Some magnetic clips also feature card holding compartments to hold your credit cards and ID.

Metal clips are an older style that is steadily going out of favor with the advent of magnetic money clips. The latter is stronger and more durable. It's also less painful to use. While some people like the shiny look of the metal clip, if you want to keep you money safe and out of sight, a magnetic fabric clip is the way to go.

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