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Water-Resistant Wallets

RFID Blocking Curve Bifold [Nylon]
54 Reviews
Multi-Pocket Bi-fold Wallet
637 Reviews
Navy Blue BFOLDNY25 Charcoal BFOLDCHARChocolate Brown BFOLDBR25Tuxedo Black BFOLDBK25Sangria Red Plaid BFOLDSANGRIAEvergreen Plaid BFOLDEGREEN
Super Stretch [Super Skinny] Bifold
261 Reviews
Chocolate Brown SSBRSCharcoal SSCHARTuxedo Black SSBKS

Smart Materials and Fabrics

Many of Big Skinny wallets are waterproof or water-resistant. We achieve this by using our nylon microfiber material. This fabric has a high weave count that offers resistance to tearing and water. All of our nylon wallets are fully waterproof and can actually be machine washed. Just remember to air dry any wallets you do wash. Washing your water resistant wallet is a great way to ensure cleanliness and hygiene.

Plenty of Styles to Choose From

All of our nylon wallets are waterproof, so you don't have to look too hard to find waterproof styles in our extensive collection. There are a few notable models to mention though like our sports wallets, our trifolds, our curved bifolds and our checkbook wallets. Browse through our huge selection of prints and colors too. We offer water resistant wallets for all kinds of events and fashion senses, for both men and women.

Storage Pockets and Special Features

Storage has never been an issue for our customers because we focus our attention on offering wallets that have all the pockets you could ever need. On average our water resistant wallets have space for around 20-40 plastic cards, paper money, ID cards and coins.


Naturally, water-resistant wallets are best-suited for people with an active, adventurous lifestyle. If you find yourself spending your free time rock climbing, hiking or kayaking, a water-resistant wallet can be a great way to take your cash and credit cards with you on the go without worrying that your wallet might be damaged by a little water.

The same idea applies for people who work in demanding outdoor jobs. If you work in landscaping, environmental science or another field that takes you outside every day, you'll be so happy that you got a water-resistant wallet the next time you accidentally get wet on the job.

However, it's not just outdoorsy types that need a water-resistant wallet. Actually, you'll find that these wallets are gaining in popularity in larger cities as well. When millions of people are taking a bus or subway to and from work, that means they spend more time walking. Unlike those who drive their car door to door from home to work and back, these people are exposed to the elements every day. A sudden downpour or an accidental drop into a puddle could cause major damage to any other type of wallet. But with a water-resistant wallet, you can safely get from point A to point B without worrying that your wallet is vulnerable while you pull out your transit card or run for cover from the rain.


The advantages of a water-resistant wallet aren't always obvious at first. But if you've ever experienced the upsetting event of accidentally throwing your wallet in with the laundry in a washing machine, you'll know exactly why a water-resistant wallet is so important. First and foremost, a wallet that's resistant to water will last longer than your traditional wallet. The wallets at Big Skinny, for example, are extremely durable since they're made of a water-resistant microfiber fabric. That means you won't have to keep wasting your money on replacement wallets when a little moisture makes your old one fall apart. Plus, the wallet's water resistance will also help it keep its original size, shape and color, which ensures that you'll want to keep using it for years to come.

Secondly, water-resistant wallets have the advantage of protecting what's inside your wallet as well. Whether it's a large sum of cash you just withdrew from the bank, your credit cards, your ID or precious family photographs, a water-resistant wallet can help protect you from losing these important items to water damage.


In reality, there are few drawbacks to having a water-resistant wallet. For some, the only drawback is that it's hard to find a quality water-resistant wallet in stores. However, the increasing popularity of this type of wallet is leading them to be sold in select stores. But there are a number of specialty wallet retailers that are offering up water-resistant wallets that are deserving of praise.

Besides availability, some people might not like the look or feel of a water-resistant wallet, particularly if they are used to having a leather wallet. Fortunately, advances in designs are making it possible for soft, beautiful materials like microfiber to be made resistant to water, allow you to get the same great appearance and feel from a high-quality wallet without resistance to water.

Finding a Water-Resistant Wallet

Although they're gaining in popularity, it can still be difficult to find a water-resistant wallet. Online specialty stores like Big Skinny are a great resource because they specialize in creating these types of durable, long-lasting and functional wallets. In fact, Big Skinny has one of the best water-resistant wallet designs thanks to a proprietary ultra-thin, nylon microfiber material. This kind of attention to detail is something you'll definitely want to look for when shopping for a water-resistant wallet.

In addition to looking at specialty retailers, make sure you look for other great features in your wallet besides resistance to water. For example, you might want a wallet that's extra-thin so it slips into your pocket easily. Maybe you prefer a snap to a zipper closure, or perhaps you want your wallet to have extra slots for holding credit cards and membership cards. Whatever the case, it's important to search until you find a wallet that fulfills your needs while also protecting your belongings with water-resistant properties.

Getting a water-resistant wallet is a smart way to protect your belongings and save money. By avoiding damage and other accidents, you can keep your wallet for years instead of replacing it often.

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