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Wallets with Rounded Corners

The Curve
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RFID Blocking Leather Curve Bifold
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Taxicat Bi-Fold Wallet
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"Squared edges? What's wrong with those?"

The rectangular shape of the wallet is almost iconic. It has been the standard shape for wallets since around the mid-1900s when slots were added for carrying credit cards. The progression made sense. Credit cards are rectangular, so naturally, wallets became rectangular to make efficient use of space. For years this shape has remained unchanged, but in recent years designers have come up with an improvement on the old design.

In place of squared edges, imagine a smooth curved edge that eliminates the corners on one side. Actually, you don't have to imagine it because we have one right here. And, we make it in leather too. The curved front edge of these wallets allow them to be stored in the back and front pockets much more easily. This is a really big benefit for those who prefer to carry their wallets in the front pocket of their pants. The curved shape allows the wallet to sit comfortably in the pocket without drawing attention to itself with corners poking through the fabric.

The curved wallet is in general much more comfortable to carry. It slides in and out of pockets and purses without catching on fabric. It creates an invisible profile that can't be seen by passersby, which is especially important if you prefer to carry your wallet in your front pocket to avoid getting pickpocketed.

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