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Wallets with Key Rings

Leather Key Case
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Key Case
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Even if you don't have several sets of keys, you may wish to keep your keys and your wallet together anyways. If you're prone to losing your keys frequently, attaching your keys to your wallet can offer a simple but effective solution as long as you don't lose your wallet!

The Key Case

One great option for a blended wallet and key holder, is a Key Case. Big Skinny has a leather version and a nylon micro-fiber version of this product. In the interior sections of the Key Case it has six built-in key hooks. Each hook can hold one key. The Key Case also has a remove key ring that attaches to the wallet via a snap closure. In addition to storing keys, this case can also store cash or credit cards via an interior card pocket. The whole thing zips shut with an all-around zippered closure system.

The individual hook system is essential to keeping keys neatly organized. Each of the six hooks are lined up side-by-side to make flipping through the keys easier. The keys hang freely from the hooks to ensure removal is just as easy as sorting them. The idea here is to be able to locate the right key, remove it, use it, and replace it in just a few seconds. There's no fiddling with a giant ring or digging through a jumbled mess of keys. Everything is neatly laid out.

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