Passport Wallets

Smart Materials and Fabrics

Nylon microfiber is the cornerstone of our space-saving design. It's a high-tech, innovative material that boasts a super slim profile and water-resistance. Passport wallets are also offered in leather hybrid designs that feature an outer shell that has been crafted from high quality, top-grain leather that's far superior to your standard "genuine leather" wallets. It's tough, resilient and more durable than any other stylish passport wallets on the market. Both the leather versions and the nylon versions have a fantastically thin profile, so travellers can be sure their wallets stay out of sight of sticky fingers.

Plenty of Styles to Choose From

We know you've got an awesome sense of style, so we want to help you express it. A full range of color options, textural options, and fun and vibrant prints are available for many of our passport wallets. Take your pick from clutch style wallets, traditional bifolds and even smartphone carrying passport wallets.

Storage Pockets and Special Features

The multiple passport holder is equipped with pockets for storing travelling essentials, like your passports, photo ID card, credit cards, debit cards, cash, and in some wallets, loose change. Big Skinny also stocks RFID sleeves for your passport and credit cards so you can protect yourself from sneaky data sleeves looking to steal your identity through magnetic strips and microchips installed in these items.

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