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Wallets for Outdoorsmen

Key Case
9 Reviews
Zippered Bifold
153 Reviews
Graphite ZFLDGRAPHChocolate Brown ZFLDBR26Tuxedo Black ZFLDBK26Charcoal ZIPCHAR
Cellphone Sport Wallet
42 Reviews
$24.95  $10.00
Cocktail Red CSRD2495Electric Purple CSPUR2495Tuxedo Black CSBLK2495
Money Penny Coin Holder
120 Reviews
Electric Purple PENPUR14Cornflower Blue PENCRNBL (-9.95)Tuxedo Black PENBK14Coral PENCORALPlum Dot PENPLUDOTPENLSRED Lipstick RedDotty PENDOTTYFloraBerry PENFLORA
Key Case: In the middle of the woods, you have no need for your keys, ID or cash, but you're going to need all of those things when you return to civilization. A Key Case is a handy place to store all of these things. It's also small and compact, perfect for tucking into jacket pockets. Key Cases are also zippered and lined with a water-resistant material for weather protection.

Zippered Bifold: If you still want the organization of a bifold with the addition of a water-resistant shell and a slimmer profile, opt for a nylon micro-fiber zippered bifold. Everything is safely contained in the waterproof material and locked away with the zipper.

Cellphone Sport Wallet: Keep all your valuables in one place with a Cellphone Sport Wallet. It has a secure pocket for your cellphone and inner pockets contained by a zipper for stashing your cash and cards. The wallet itself is made of a water-resistant material and the overall size is very compact for easier carrying.

Coin Wallet: For those who prefer to carry only the very basic essentials on outdoor adventures, a Coin Wallet should offer ample space. It has enough room for a few cards, some cash and some smaller items like a key. A clear ID slot on the front makes access to photo ID that much quicker, and the zippered pockets ensures nothing falls out. This wallet is also made of water-resistant material.

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