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MEN'S Wallets

Multi-Pocket Bi-fold Wallet
539 Reviews
Navy Blue BFOLDNY25 Charcoal BFOLDCHARChocolate Brown BFOLDBR25Tuxedo Black BFOLDBK25
Leather Hybrid Bifold Wallet
352 Reviews
Chocolate Brown MFLBR27 Tuxedo Black MFLBK27
<strong>RFID</strong> Blocking Bi-fold
86 Reviews
Tri-Fold Wallet
436 Reviews
Tuxedo Black TFLDBK25Chocolate Brown TFLDBR25Navy Blue TFLDNY25Graphite TRIGRAPHCharcoal TRICHAR
Leather Hybrid Tri-fold Wallet
216 Reviews
Tuxedo Black TRIBK28Chocolate Brown TRIBR28
RFID Blocking Leather Tri-fold
31 Reviews
L-Shape Wallet
164 Reviews
Navy Blue LFDNVY26Chocolate Brown LFDBR2595Tuxedo Black LFLDBK30Charcoal LFDCHAR
Leather Hybrid L-Shape Wallet
243 Reviews
Tuxedo Black LSHBK2795Chocolate Brown LSHBR1398
RFID Blocking Leather L-Fold Black
31 Reviews
The Curve
196 Reviews
Tuxedo Black CURBLK2495Navy Blue CURNVYChocolate Brown CURBR2495Charcoal CURCHAR
The Curve in Leather
189 Reviews
Tuxedo Black LCURBK2695Chocolate Brown LCURBR2695
RFID Blocking Leather Curve Bifold
50 Reviews
 Grab Bag w/THREE Items!  [Final Sale]
4 Reviews
$30.00  $19.95
Minimalist Shopping Tote Bag
Love is in the Air LOVTOTEStars & Stripes STRSTRPPink Prep PNKPRPStarburst STRBRST
RFID Blocking Leather Zipfold Black
1 Review
RFID Blocking Hipster Black
14 Reviews
The Hipster Bifold
161 Reviews
Chocolate Brown HBRN2595Navy Blue HIPNVYTuxedo Black HNLK2595Charcoal HIPCHAR
Leather Hipster Bifold
100 Reviews
Chocolate Brown LHBR2995Tuxedo Black LHBK2995
Taxicat Bi-Fold Wallet
438 Reviews
Electric Purple TAXPUR25Tuxedo Black TAXBK25Verdant Green TAXGREENGraphite Gray TXIGRAPHSmokey Teal TAXTEA25Fuchsia Pink TAXFU25Graphite Cobble TAXCOBBLEPlum Dot TAXPLUDOTOcean Blue TXIOCBLUECoral TAXCORALCornflower Blue TAXCRNBLRed TAXRD25Olive TAXOLV25TAXLSRED Lipstick RedKey Lime TAXKEYLIFloraBerry TAXFLORASwedeFlower TAXSWEDEDotty TAXDOTTYLemonFlower TAXLEMFL
Compact Sports Wallet
206 Reviews
Tuxedo Black CSWBLK2150Chocolate Brown CSWBR2150Charcoal CSWCHARNavy CSWNVY2150
Leather Hybrid Bi-Fold Compact Sports Wallet
205 Reviews
Chocolate Brown SBR25Tuxedo Black SBK25
Acrobat Money-Clip Bi-Fold Wallet
76 Reviews
Tuxedo Black ABLK24Chocolate/Cordovan Brown ABRN24Navy ANVY24
Leather Acrobat Money Clip Bi-Fold Wallet
105 Reviews
tuxedo blackchocolate brown
RFID Blocking Leather Bi-fold
83 Reviews
Super Stretch [Super Skinny] Bifold
228 Reviews
Chocolate Brown SSBRSNavy Blue SSNVYSTuxedo Black SSBKSCharcoal SSCHAR
Leather Hybrid Super Stretch [Skinny] Bi-Fold Wallet
192 Reviews
chocolate brown SKNYBR29tuxedo black SKNYLSSBK
RFID Blocking Leather Super Skinny Bifold
64 Reviews
Tuxedo Black RFIDLSSBL
Money Clip Wallet with Magnet
106 Reviews
tuxedo black MCBK2050chocolate brown MCBR2050Graphite MGGRAPHITECharcoal MCCHAR
Leather Magnetic Money Clip
78 Reviews
tuxedo black MGBK2495
RFID Blocking Leather L-Fold Black
31 Reviews
Metro Bifold Wallet
83 Reviews
Chocolate Brown METBRWNTuxedo Black METBK20Toffee METTOFF
Leather Metro Bifold
35 Reviews
Tuxedo Black MBFLD2495
RFID Blocking Tri-fold Wallet
65 Reviews
Zippered Bifold
143 Reviews
Graphite ZFLDGRAPHChocolate Brown ZFLDBR26Tuxedo Black ZFLDBK26Charcoal ZIPCHAR
Leather Zipfold Wallet
11 Reviews
Tuxedo Black LZIPBLChocolate Brown LZIPBR
Traveler Wallet
24 Reviews
Tuxedo Black TRAVWBK26Ocean Blue TRAVOCBLU
RFID World Wallet Nylon
6 Reviews
World Bifold Wallet
160 Reviews
Tuxedo BlackChocolate BrownNavy Blue
Leather Hybrid World Bi-Fold Wallet
90 Reviews
Tuxedo Black WLDBK28Chocolate Brown WLDBR28
RFID Blocking Leather World Bifold
19 Reviews
Tuxedo Black RFIDLWBLK
World Bifold Wallet with Zippered Pocket
220 Reviews
Chocolate Brown WZBR27Tuxedo Black WZBK27Charcoal WZCHAR
RFID World Zip
9 Reviews
Motorcycle Bifold Checkbook Wallet with chain
32 Reviews
$25.95  $19.95
Black MOTBK26
Leather Motorcycle Wallet w/chain
30 Reviews
$35.95  $21.95
Tuxedo Black MOTBK33
RFID Blocking Leather World w/zipper Bifold
15 Reviews
Badge Bifold Wallet
6 Reviews
$32.00  $18.00
Tuxedo Black BGBK3
Leather Badge Bifold Wallet
8 Reviews
$40.00  $22.00
Tuxedo Black LBDGBK3
New Yorker Wallet
162 Reviews
Verdant Green NYGREENCoral NYCORALPurple NYPUR15Tuxedo Black NYBLK15Red NYRD15
Badge Holder
5 Reviews
Tuxedo Black BHBK3
Leather Badge Holder
7 Reviews
Tuxedo Black
Swiss Checkbook Cover
67 Reviews
$14.95  $9.95
tuxedo black CKBK14chocolate brownPurple CHCKPURRed CKRD14
Key Case
8 Reviews
Leather Key Case
4 Reviews
Cellphone Sport Wallet
38 Reviews
$24.95  $15.00
Cocktail Red CSRD2495Electric Purple CSPUR2495Tuxedo Black CSBLK2495
Leather Passport Holder
27 Reviews
BlackLipstick RedGraphite PASHGRAPOcean Blue PASHOBLU
Leather Traveler
16 Reviews
Verdant Green LTWVGTuxedo Black TRAVBK30Graphite LTRAGRAPH
Original Leather Traveler
Skinny Mini Pen
36 Reviews
Skinny Mini Pen Replenishment Kit
2 Reviews
Black Refill SMPREFILL
Card Insert
9 Reviews
ID Insert
5 Reviews
Bifold Wallet Card Insert and photo insert
17 Reviews
Clear Plastic IFLD250
Tri-fold Wallet Card Insert or Photo Insert
22 Reviews
Clear Plastic ITFLD250
Hipster Double-High Wallet Insert
16 Reviews
Clear Plastic IDHW3
Super Skinny Photo/Card Insert
26 Reviews
Clear plastic ISS350
RFID Credit Card Sleeve
21 Reviews
RFID Passport Sleeve
7 Reviews
Pale Blue Striped RFIDPPALESOrange Striped RFIDPORANGBlack Striped RFIDPBLKST
Black Power Card
1 Review
Black Power Card ASN116BK
Stainless Steel Bottle Opener Comb
1 Review
Stainless Steel SSMCBOPEN
Stainless Steel Mesh Wallet Comb by Go-Comb
6 Reviews
Stainless Steel Silver SSMFTCStainless Steel Matte Black MBMFTC
Wallet Ninja
3 Reviews
Patterned Power Card Ultra Thin Charger
2 Reviews
Dali Power Card ASN116C53Mini Dots Power Card ASN116C46Aztec Power Card ASN116C50Power Card Glitz ASN116GT
WILDCARD Wallet Knife
Birds Like Flowers BRDLKFLWRBauhaus Bawhaws BHSBWHSZag Zig ZAGZIGHerbstfrau HERBSTFRAUDark Knight DRKNGHTConstellation CNSTLLTNWild Flowers WLDFLWRS
HF Luggage Tag
Red CF038RDOrange CF038OECerulean Blue CF038CBGreen CF038GNRose CF038REYellow CF038YW
Jacket Gripper
Gray JG001GYNavy JG001NYCerulean Blue JG001CBRose JG001RE
QP Foldable Glasses Case
3 Reviews
Cerulean Blue QP001CBOrange QP001OERose QP001RENavy QP001NYDark Wood QP001DWRed QP001RD

Smart Materials and Fabrics

You'll notice an incredible difference in weight and thickness thanks to our proprietary nylon microfiber material that feature heavily in our slim wallets for men. Though it's ultra-thin and lightweight, this material is also durable and water-resistant, making it perfect for everything from bustling downtown areas to the great outdoors. It keeps everything you need stored securely and without taking up as much space, so you won't even have to narrow down your card collection to reap the benefits.

Plenty of Styles to Choose From

Big Skinny stocks everything from classic styles like trifolds and bifolds, to more edgy and modern designs like power card cases and RFID blocking wallets. All of our slim wallets for men feature our very special, super thin microfiber fabric, but in different ways. Our fabric wallets have a more casual feel and are crafted totally from nylon microfiber. Our hybrid wallets opt to be the best of both worlds, offering a classic leather look on the outside and a sleek fabric look on the inside.

We also stock ID wallets that feature clear pockets for easily showing photo ID and money clip style wallets that take the minimalist style one step further. Our money clips and credit card cases are the perfect wallet for the ultimate minimalist man that loves keeping things as simple as possible. They offer just the right amount space for small amounts of cash and all of your important cards. These are thin and durable wallets for men.

Storage Pockets and Special Features

Big Skinny is known for maximizing storage space for cards, cash and valuable. Several of our card pockets are extra-wide and capable of hold at least three cards each. All wallets that feature the nylon microfiber fabric offer water-resistant where the nylon fabric is used. Some of our wallets also feature RFID blocking.

If you need a thin men's wallet that still has a masculine look, Big Skinny's got you covered. Each of the wallets in our men's collection features a cool, chic look that makes you look like a fashion-forward guy.

Why walk around with a bulging square pocket that stretches out your pants and screams, "Grab my cash!" Get skinny with a bifold or trifold wallet that has room for everything you need without stealing all the space from your cell phone. Big Skinny wallets let you keep all those cards you've been stockpiling since Blockbuster was in business without all the bulk. Big Skinny wallets are thin and durable and priced so you'll have money left over to actually put inside. Don't keep putting your fat old wallet on an elimination diet. Get a Big Skinny wallet designed to keep itself-and you-looking fine.

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