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Videos and Images for World's Largest Wallet (Sets new Guinness World Record!)

Displaying this wallet in Cambridge, Massachusetts required many helping hands, due to its immense size.

BigSkinny stored the world's most enormous wallet in a huge garage during the night.

The wallet was set up in Harvard Square, where the official measurements were to take place.

Much like any other BigSkinny wallet, the world's largest wallet has many deep pockets for storing all essentials. Got any giant credit cards? (Or just giant credit card debt?) The World's Biggest Wallet measures up to its BigSkinny prototype with a square-like shape, boasting a height of 306 centimeters and a width of 314 centimeters when the wallet closes.

The notary public, Robert Praeger, sized up the BigSkinny wallet to ensure that the Guinness World Record is legitimate and that the wallet surpasses all other wallets in its measurements.

And after Praeger notarized the measurements, the BigSkinny wallet officially became the World's Biggest Wallet. BigSkinny now gives back by displaying information on various charities in the wallet pockets, providing opportunity for people to donate.

Catherine sewed the record-winning wallet herself!

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