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Very Protective Wallet

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RFID Blocking Leather Bi-fold
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RFID Blocking Leather Curve Bifold
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Smart Materials and Fabrics

Whether it's our classic Big Skinny wallet, phone wallet, credit card wallet, passport traveler wallet or checkbook wallet, they're constructed from thin-but-durable water resistant nylon microfiber. This protects the items inside from unexpected dampness. It will also keep the wallet from disintegrating if it accidentally ends up in a washing machine. Even our leather wallets use the same nylon microfiber on the inside.

The inside pockets of our Big Skinny wallets have a protective rubber backing that prevents your credit cards and cash from falling out when the wallet is turned upside down. Because these wallets are flat and slim, you can easily slip them into a pocket so you can carry your money and cards on your person. This is a lot safer than putting the wallet in a bag or briefcase. The Big Skinny tri-fold wallet is another very protective wallet that gives you even more protection, with its folded design and non-slip interior pockets.

We also have credit card wallets and credit card cases. If your cards have magnetic strips, keeping them in a wallet rather than loose in your pocket will prevent them from becoming damaged. Our polka accordion card case keeps each card separate for maximum protection. Those with newer credit cards and passports have an even more important concern. Today's government issued documents and cards are embedded with small RFID chips so they can be easily read when you take a flight or purchase something at a store. The problem is, they can be accessed by anyone with an inexpensive reader from across a room, without your knowledge. Our RFID passport and credit card sleeves keep your information safe from prying eyes. No one will be able to read your cards or your passport until you take them out to use them. Not only does this protective layer keep your money safe, it also protects you from identity theft.

Plenty of Styles to Choose From

Look through our huge searching system to find a protective wallet in any style you want. We have wallets in solid colors and stylish prints for a more fashionable look. Our ultra-protective RFID blocking wallets are available in the nylon slim envelope wallet style, the leather bifold style and the leather curve bifold style. The envelope wallet is fully expandable and features a snap button closure for extra security. The curve bifold has a pocket friendly curved shaped that does away with sharp edges.

Storage Pockets and Special Features

When you order one of our RFID blocking wallets expect the same number pockets you would get in the skinny versions of our wallets. The pockets in these wallets can hold more than three plastic cards but keep their super slim profile. Clear ID pockets with their handy thumbhole cutouts can also hold more than three plastic cards. All of our RFID wallets have a billfolds pocket for storing bills just like a regular wallet. You get the same great quality in all of our RFID products, but with the added bonus of protective tech that keeps would be data thieves at bay.

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