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Trixie Trifold Wallet Video Guide

Slim and Compact

Most wallet companies will make a woman's wallet that's unnecessarily bulky and oversized. We think women should have the benefit of a sleek and slim wallet regardless of how much stuff they need it to carry. The Trixie is made of super thin nylon micro fiber fabric that's durable and strong but also help reduce thickness. Compare this wallet to a standard leather wallet and you'll see ours is half the size!

If you love the look of leather but still want a wallet with less thickness, check out the leather hybrid model of the Trixie. It has an exterior made of top-grain cowhide leather and an interior made of our famous nylon micro fiber material.

We love using nylon micro fiber because it helps keep our wallets extra thin, but there are few other reasons to love it too. It's totally washable, tear-proof and long-lasting.

Endless Card Space and Functionality

Fold our all three segments and you'll see there are 10 card pockets. Each pocket can hold about three plastic cards, making the total card carrying capacity of this wallet around 30 cards. You'll also find an ID pocket with a clear plastic window for displaying your photo identification. A special feature we've included in this wallet is not one but two billfolds pockets for carrying receipts and paper money.

To keep this trifold wallet securely shut, we've fitted this wallet with a magnetic snap closure. An additional security feature we've added is the rubbery lining in all of the pockets that prevents your items from falling out.

We've covered bills and cards, but what about coins? Well, we've added a zippered coin pocket on the back of the wallet for any loose change or small items.

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