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Here's our selection of tri-fold wallets!

Tri-Fold Wallet
428 Reviews
Tuxedo Black TFLDBK25Chocolate Brown TFLDBR25Navy Blue TFLDNY25Graphite TRIGRAPHCharcoal TRICHAR
Trixie Tri-Fold Wallet
343 Reviews
electric purple TRIXPUR26tuxedo black TRIXBK26Ocean Blue TRIXOBLUVerdant Green TRIXGREENGraphite Cobble TRIXCOBBLETeal TRIXTEA26Cornflower Blue TRIXCRNBLUCoral TRIXCORALTigerlily Orange TRIXTIORKey Lime TRIXKEYLI
Leather Hybrid Tri-fold Wallet
216 Reviews
Tuxedo Black TRIBK28Chocolate Brown TRIBR28
Leather Trixie Tri-fold Wallet
104 Reviews
tuxedo black TRIXBK30Plum Purple LTRIXPURRed TRIXRD30
Monte Cougar Tri-fold Checkbook Wallet
334 Reviews
$27.95  $19.95
Red COURD28Teal COUTEA28Fuchsia COUFU28

BigSkinny wallets are made from an unprecedented nylon micro-fiber material, and our leather-hybrid line also uses this material in its interior in order to keep the wallets light.

Pick a wallet in a type and color that reflects your personal style, and be sure to purchase a new wallet as a gift for that friend with an upcoming birthday, since a BigSkinny wallet says far more than a pithy Facebook post ever could.

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