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Trifold Wallet Video Review and Demo

The Right Fabric Makes All of the Difference

Big Skinny is known for its prowess in the wallet industry for making sturdy, long-lasting wallets that are many times thinner and more compact than the average wallet. We want you to be able to slip your wallet in your pocket and go, should you so desire. For us, the easiest way to accomplish this for our trifold wallet was to construct it using nylon micro fiber fabric. This material is super-thin and extremely durable. It's also waterproof and tear-proof.

If nylon micro fiber doesn't hold any visual appeal, we also have a hybrid model that features a sophisticated leather exterior made of top-grain cowhide leather. The interior of the leather wallet is still made of nylon micro fiber to ensure thinness.

A Compact Design

Trifold wallets are by nature compact, but our wallet takes this quality to the next-level by using smart design tactics. We've added four extra-wide pockets to the trifold so that you can fit three to four cards in each pocket. There's also an extra-wide ID pocket with a clear window where you can keep your photo ID. The plastic window has a thumbhole built into it so you can quickly pull out your ID without a struggle.

In the billfolds area you have enough space to store receipts or paper money. An additional feature we've added to this pocket in some of the wallets in this model is the plastic divider that's sewn into the top edge. Use the divider to separate your cash from your receipts or simply use it as a convenient place to keep a spare key. One final additional feature we've added is the rubbery lining of the pockets which works to keep your valuables securely in place.

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