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Top Wallets with Picture Holders

Bifold Wallet Card Insert and photo insert
23 Reviews
Clear Plastic IFLD250
Tri-fold Wallet Card Insert or Photo Insert
30 Reviews
Clear Plastic ITFLD250
Accordion Wallet Insert 8 Page
11 Reviews
Clear Plastic AWINS8
Bifold Wallet Card Insert: Use this insert for cards or pictures, the choice is yours. This sleeve set offers four pages that are able to hold two photos back-to-back in each page. The plastic is clear so the photos are clearly visible behind the sleeve walls. It's slim enough to fit directly in the inner pockets of a bifold wallet and won't add any extra bulk or thickness.

Trifold Wallet Insert: Made specifically for trifold wallets, Big Skinny created this trifold wallet picture insert in response to the legions of customers that demanded it. It fits in the middle pocket of any trifold wallet and holds up to eight photos. There are four pages with clear plastic sleeves to protect and display the photos. The pages open up like a book and the set can be inserted and removed with ease at any time.

Hipster Double-High Wallet Insert: Those who prefer wallet books, passport holders or Big Skinny's own Traveler Wallet will love this double stack picture holder. It is capable of holding 16 card-sized photos in its four plastic pages. The insert fits along the spine of the wallet.

Accordion Insert: This photo insert features eight pages that are able to hold 16 card-sized photos back-to-back. It folds out like an accordion to neatly display the photos. This insert is compatible with most trifold and bifold wallets including Big Skinny's Trixie Trifold Wallet.

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