Thin Wallet Design

BigSkinny wallets are made from nylon micro-fiber material, which is just as durable as competitors' leather wallets. The difference? BigSkinny wallets are the thinnest and lightest on the market. In fact, our wallets are on average five to seven times skinnier than other wallets.

How? Design + Thin, Strong Material
* Made from a durable, water-resistant nylon micro-fiber 5-7 times thinner and lighter than leather yet just as durable.
* "Thinner at the start" means "thinner at the end." Because Big Skinny wallets are so much thinner to start that even when you add all your stuff, the Big Skinny wallet will be much thinner.
* Thinner due to unique designs such as our Super Skinny or sport series wallets pictured here (NEW SPORT DESIGNS slightly different). Or our leather hybrid series.
* Sturdy double-edged perimeter stitching guarantees durability and long life. (as long as leather wallets).
* Unique rubberized backing added to the reverse of the material makes it harder to lose your cards and cash.
* Extra-wide pockets each fit 3-5 plastic cards & are roomier for your fingers while rubberized backing adds safety.
* Wallet Guarantee & Warranty: Tough enough to machine wash.