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Thin Trifold Wallet Demonstration Guide

Solid Craftsmanship You Can Trust

Your wallet is a pretty important accessory. It's a one-stop-shop for your cash, credit and important identification. To ensure your valuables are protected from the outside world, we make our trifold wallets using a highly durable nylon micro fiber material. This fabric has an impressive 230 denier count that is tear-proof and water-resistant.

The pockets in this trifold wallet are extra-wide to accommodate multiple cards, so you might wonder about your cards and cash slipping out easily. You can put those fears to rest because we've lined the insides of the pockets and the billfolds area with a rubbery coating with a high-grip surface. Your cards and bills aren't going anywhere.

Maximizing Storage

This wallet manages to squeeze an astonishing amount of carrying capacity in one slim package. When you open it up, you'll notice each section of the wallet has extra-wide card carrying pockets. Each of the four pockets can hold up to four plastic cards. In total, expect to be able to fit about 30 plastic cards in this wallet. We make our pockets extra-wide you never have to struggle to pull out a card again. You'll also find there's a clear plastic pocket for storing your ID. The clear pocket features a thumbhole for your convenience.

In the billfolds area you'll see a clear plastic divider for organizing your bills. The divider also acts as a quick access key holder. The billfolds pocket is capable of storing all paper forms of international currency, so you never have to worry about folding your bills into odd shapes just to make them fit. When folded up, the wallet stays extremely compact, even when completely full. The size and shape makes this trifold wallet a great option for a front pocket wallet.

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