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Thin Multi Pocket Bifold Wallet Video Guide

An Innovative Construction

At Big Skinny, we believe the key to a thinner, more durable wallet is all in the materials used to craft that wallet. To do this, we make our wallets out of a nylon micro fiber material with a high-density weave. Durability is woven into the fabric itself that has a denier count of 230. This supremely tough material is both tear-resistant and water-resistant. Even better, nylon micro fiber lends durability without the weight or thickness. The Thin Multi Pocket Bifold Wallet is actually three to five times thinner than the average wallet.

Impressive Storage

Four extra-wide card pockets allow the storage of up to about four plastic cards in each pocket. These roomy pockets are not only great for storing your cards, but they also make pulling out your cards a breeze. In addition to the card pocket stacks, there is also an identification pocket with a clear plastic window that's fitted with a thumbhole dispenser to make pulling out your ID that much easier.

Card holders are great, but what about bills and receipts? Not to worry! Our Multi Pocket Wallet has a specially coated billfolds pocket that runs along the back of the wallet and offers extra grip to keep your money safe. Open it up and you'll see a clear plastic divider to keep your receipts and cash from getting mixed up. Just to prove we've thought of everything, we've even included a little slot in the divider that can be used to store a spare key.

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