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Thin Leather Multi-Pocket Bifold Wallet Video Guide

Consider our Thin Leather Multi-Pocket Bifold Wallet. On the outside you have the sleek leather look you're used to seeing in a wallet. On the inside, however, we've skipped the bulkiness of leather and instead opted to use nylon micro fiber. The result? A super thin leather wallet that is three to five times thinner than your average leather wallet.

Another difference you'll want to note is that we use top-grain cowhide leather to make our wallets. Most standard leather wallets use genuine leather, but we prefer top-grain cowhide because it's much more durable and long-lasting than genuine leather.

This is a multi-pocket wallet which means there are several pockets for storing plastic credit cards sewn into this product. Each of the four card pockets are also larger than the pockets found in the average wallets. Our pockets can hold three to five cards, while a standard pocket can comfortably hold only one to two cards.

For convenient access to photo ID, there's a clear pocket that's been fitted with a thumbhole to help you slide the card free when you need it. This pocket is also larger than the average pocket, so you can fit more cards in it if you need to.

The long pocket the runs behind the card pockets can be used to store paper money and receipts. A handy divider that doubles as a key holder has been included to help with organization.

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