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Thin Acrobat Bifold Money Clip Wallet Video Guide

It's a Money Clip and a Bifold in One

Open up this wallet and you'll find a spring loaded Acrobat money clip that runs down the spine. This is where you'll store your paper money because we've replaced the billfolds pocket with this handy clip. Your bills can lie flat across the interior surface of your wallet, safe and secure without adding unnecessary bulk and thickness your wallet.

Making up the bifold part of this wallet we have one extra-wide exterior clear pocket, two extra-wide credit card pockets and two extra-deep hidden storage pockets that can also be used to store credit cards. These large pockets are able to hold about 20 plastic cards in total. The ID pocket features a thumbhole to save you time.

Even filled up with cards and money, this money clip wallet will easily fit in a front shirt pocket or pants pocket. It small enough that won't even see the outline of it, and since the money clip is hidden by the bifold flaps you won't have to worry about it getting hooked on your clothing.

Materials and Construction

This wallet is made with nylon micro fiber fabric. This material is super thin and very durable with a high-density weave that gives our wallets long-lasting quality.

The metal money clip is spring-loaded to ensure your bills stay securely in place. It easily slips out of the spine of the wallet when cleaning time rolls around.

Care Instructions

The nylon micro fiber used to make this wallet is tear-proof and water-resistant. Remove the money clip before washing in the washing machine. Do not tumble dry. Allow it to air dry for 20 minutes. To keep the tension in the spring, it may need to be tightened occasionally.

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