The Clutch: The Practical Purse when Going Out

Throw out that big bulky purse and replace it with an ultra-slim and stunning clutch that is lightweight and easy to carry. The right clutch looks stylish and eliminates the hefty bulk on your arm that can contribute to neck and back pain among women. Choose the right style and design and you can fit dozens of cards, cash, coins, phone and makeup all into one special lightweight item and enjoy a carefree evening out in style. The smart and stunning clutches from Big Skinny are thin and are the beautiful combination of a clutch and wallet. The interior features nylon materials with non-slip grip coatings inside each pocket. Lightweight nylon microfibers can hold an unbelievable amount of items and make everything accessible and within reach. Stop transferring things from your day bag into another bag to go out! Keep everything together from the get-go. For get-togethers with friends, a trip to the movies, museums, parks or nightclubs, grab your striking evening clutch filled with makeup, cell phone, keys, cards, money and you're good to go.