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Taxicat Bifold Wallet Features Video Guide 

Still Roomy but Better for Pockets

A Taxicat wallet may have rounded edges, but this pocket-friendly shape is not any less spacious that out regular square wallets. This wallet can hold up to 20-25 plastic cards, which is much more than the number of cards the average person carries. There are six extra-wide card pockets in this wallet as well as one additional pocket for carry photo identification. Each pocket can comfortably hold between three to four plastic cards. Since the pockets are very large we've lined them with a rubbery coating to provide some extra grip to prevent any of your cards from slipping out.

The billfolds area is also lined with a rubbery coating and features enough space to store all types of international currency, regardless of the size or shape. A key holding plastic divider can also be found in the billfolds area. This divider can be used as an organizational tool to facilitate sorting types of currency for frequent travelers or keep cash separated from receipts.

On the back of the wallet is a zippered pocket that can be used to store loose change or coins for occasions when only cash will do.

Fabric and Materials Information

To keep our wallets extra slim we use nylon micro fiber. It is a water-resistant and tear-proof fabric that ensures our wallets as tough as they are thin. The Taxicat Bifold Wallet is offered in a nylon micro fiber model and a very special hybrid model that features top-grain cowhide leather on the exterior and nylon micro fiber on the interior.

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