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Swiss Checkbook Cover Video Guide

High-Tech Fabric and Construction

Nylon micro fiber is the key to how we got this cover to be so light and so thin. This fabric is paper thin, but it also has a high-density weave that makes it extremely durable and strong. The Swiss Checkbook Cover features nylon micro fiber inside and out.

Another step we take to ensure this product's durability is the stitching style we use to construct it. All of the edges are glued shut, turned inwards and sewn all the way around. The extra care we take in this process stops instances of fraying and any tearing at the seams.

Top Features

In the Swiss Checkbook Cover you'll get a pocket for storing your personal checkbook and a second supplementary pocket for storing your balance book. Both of these pockets are extra-wide to make getting your checkbook in and out of the cover easy and stress-free.

The lining of the interior section of the pockets is coated with a no-slip rubbery grip lining that stops your checkbook and your balance book from slipping out. No amount of jostling or shaking will cause your checkbook to slide out.

The nylon micro fiber used to make this cover is resistant to water and tearing.

Should anything happen to your Swiss Checkbook Cover, we've added a one year warranty to this item to protect it.

Caring for Your Checkbook Cover

This item is crafted using nylon micro fiber making it machine washable. To dry, simply lay it out on a counter and wait about 20 minutes.

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