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Surfing Wallets

Taxicat Bi-Fold Wallet
566 Reviews
Electric Purple TAXPUR25Tuxedo Black TAXBK25Verdant Green TAXGREENFloraBerry TAXFLORASmokey Teal TAXTEA25Fuchsia Pink TAXFU25Graphite Cobble TAXCOBBLEPlum Dot TAXPLUDOTOcean Blue TXIOCBLUECoral TAXCORALLemonFlower TAXLEMFLKey Lime TAXKEYLIDotty TAXDOTTYTAXLSRED Lipstick RedSangria Red TAXSANGRIAEvergreen Plaid TAXEGREENPurple Poppy TAXPPOPPYInk Dot TAXINKDOT
Acrobat Money-Clip Bi-Fold Wallet
90 Reviews
Tuxedo Black ABLK24Chocolate/Cordovan Brown ABRN24
Compact Sports Wallet
225 Reviews
Tuxedo Black CSWBLK2150Chocolate Brown CSWBR2150Charcoal CSWCHARNavy CSWNVY2150


The key feature of any surf wallet is its waterproofing. This resistance to water is what protects the items in the wallet. Plus, it ensures that you won’t have a problem with warping, shrinking or faded color when your wallet gets soaked. Something that could destroy a typical wallet like exposure to water is no problem with a sports wallet. You can bring this waterproof wonder with you anywhere you go on even on the water.

In addition to being water-resistant, a good surf wallet will also be durable. For example, Big Skinny makes excellent sports wallets that have reinforced, double-stitched edges to ensure that they last through all kinds of activities. This kind of attention to detail is required if you want your wallet to stay intact through your many adventures.

Capacity is another issue to consider. While some sports wallets are made to hold “everything,” think twice before buying one of these larger versions. Ideally, you’ll be able to find a smaller, compact wallet that can hold all of your essentials without taking up unnecessary space. Those with strategic designs will still be able to hold several cards, cash and other items without being as large as a typical wallet. In addition, these wallets will have a secure closure that ensures everything stays put even when you’re underwater or upside down.

Finally, don’t overlook the importance of weight. The last thing you want when you’re being active is a heavy wallet that’s weighing you down. One that’s made from ultra-thin, lightweight materials is ideal for this type of wallet. It ensures that you can safely hold all your essentials without a heavy wallet throwing you off.


Keep in mind that, even though your wallet says it’s water-resistant or water-proof, you should still be careful about what you store in it. Just to be safe, don’t keep your cell phone or photographs in these wallets since any water damage could be irreversible. Most plastic cards and cash are OK, but remember that the color from these items may bleed onto your wallet material if the items become too soaked. Generally, you should only keep absolute essentials on you if you’re going to be submerged in water, like when you go surfing.

For added safety, consider getting a strong chain or lanyard that you can use to attach your wallet to your swimsuit or surf board so that it won’t get lost in the water. These are widely available at surf shops and at many online retailers. If you plan to attach your wallet while doing various activities, make sure you look for a sports wallet with a loop or key ring for you to attach a lanyard or chain to.

When shopping for your surf wallet, keep in mind that a great one will have all the features described here, not just a few. Fortunately, companies like Big Skinny are creating incredibly durable and lightweight sports wallets that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

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