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Super Skinny Bifold Wallet Guide Video

Nylon Micro Fiber Super Skinny

The Nylon Micro Fiber Super Skinny is the original Super Skinny wallet. The entire wallet, inside and out, is crafted from our super thin nylon micro fiber material. Despite its incredibly thin profile, the wallet can still hold up to 40 full-size plastic cards and even has space for cash and receipts.

Hybrid Super Skinny

The Hybrid Super Skinny offers our space saving design in a supremely fashionable package. The interior structure is made from our special nylon micro fiber fabric, while the exterior is constructed of top-grain cowhide leather.

Storage and Design

The Super Skinny Wallet uses a unique two stack design that allows cards to be stored in parallel stacks instead of on top of each other. This innovative design creates a profile that is four times thinner than your average wallet and two times as thin as Big Skinny's regular thin wallets.

Open up a Super Skinny wallet and you'll find three horizontal pocket stacks for cards that hold 10 cards each and an ID pocket that can also hold up to 10 cards. In the billfolds area you'll find enough space to accommodate international currency and a key holder. The pockets themselves are lined with a rubbery coating to help keep your cash and cards in place. Double-stitched hems offer extra protection against fraying and tearing.

We're sure you'll be impressed with the quality of these wallets, but just in case you run into any issues the Super Skinny Wallet does come with a one year warranty.

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