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Wallet Ninja
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Patterned Power Card Ultra Thin Charger
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For the sporty woman in your life: She doesn't even know she wants this yet but it's going to totally change her life. A Mini Skinny credit card holder, or one of our other super slim cases she can stick credit cards and cash in and forget about until she finishes her run and goes for her coffee run. These cases add about zero weight and can withstand getting sweated on or dropped in the rain or mud. Big Skinny's credit card holders are like a tiny personal assistant that says, at just the right time, "oh, would you like me to hold that for you?" Yes. Yes, you do.

We know, you wanted to be a ninja when you grew up. (Or a space robot.) Here's a stocking stuffer that will speak to your little kid soul. Big Skinny's wallet ninja packs a punch like you wouldn't believe. Need to be all refined when you open a stack of Christmas cards? It's cool, there's a letter opener in there. Say you're stuck on a dessert island and all you have is a big stack of mangos? Open the fruit peeler. Or the can opener. Not kidding, this tool has pretty much everything you need to survive on earth. (Or in space.)

For your bro: No, your actual brother. Although if you give all the dudes in your life Christmas stockings we want to be your friend. Make him feel jolly with a Big Skinny go-comb. This totally stylin profilin combination comb and bottle opener means he can party with polish or neaten up that 'stache he's been cultivating since Movember. It's made of steel and slips into a pocket or travel case. Watch out, Vegas. He'll be ready to take on microbrews and a wild part, all at the same time. Designed in Brooklyn, hipster capital of the world.

For your mom: It feels so good to give your mom something she actually wants for Christmas. You know, in fair exchange for all those ornaments she lovingly let you hang on the tree that you purposefully smashed on the ground. She'll love the patterned power card ultra thin charger. This crazy skinny charger is just five millimeters thick so it won't weigh her purse down, and it works with iPhones, other cell phones, iPods, speakers, and more. The charger is available in cute patterns and has three indicator lights that tell her how much power is left. Best of all, it's incredibly easy to use. But you can explain it to her anyway-that will be part of the gift.

For everybody: You're going to want to write this down. Oh, you don't have a pen handy? With the skinny mini pen you always will. It can be used as a stylus for your tablet or phone, or uncapped and used as a regular ink pen. And by regular, we mean pretty amazing; This thing fits perfectly in the middle fold of your wallet so it's always handy and takes up almost no real estate. Available in silver, blue and black in case your wallet is into matching.

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