Ski and Sport Wallets

If you're active, you know the challenges associated with keeping money, IDs and cards close at hand so you can do your thing outdoors.

Historically, solutions have included finding room in your pockets or socks for bulky wallets and frankly looking ridiculous or going without a wallet and stuffing everything wherever you find room for it. And who knows where it might end up in that latter scenario.

But the folks at Big Skinny are an active group of ski and sport enthusiasts and they couldn't stand for the status quo any longer. So, after revolutionizing traditional wallets and creating ultra-thin wallet designs that are up to 75 percent smaller than regular wallets, their next project was tackling the sport wallet.

First and foremost, sport wallets need to be functional. They must hold your stuff as discreetly as possible. But, frankly, they also need to look cool in order to truly appeal to discerning athletes.

Thankfully, Big Skinny has created a line of sport wallets that score on both counts.

Big Skinny's Compact Sports Wallet is a super-thin and light bi-fold wallet with four card pockets. This is the sport wallet Big Skinny's founder actually uses every day - not just when he's scaling mountains, swimming across oceans or traversing the Sahara on camelback. It's the height of a dollar bill, so it will hold your money without one iota of additional bulk to weigh you down. It also features double-edged perimeter stitching and rounded corners so it can take a real beating no matter where you take it or hide it.