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Ski and Sport Wallets

Leather Hybrid Bi-Fold Compact Sports Wallet
222 Reviews
Chocolate Brown SBR25Tuxedo Black SBK25
Buffed Leather Sport Bifold
9 Reviews

The Compact Sports Wallet even looks like an athletic wallet thanks to its water-resistant nylon microfiber, which is available in black, brown and blue. That means you still won't have to sacrifice style for function when selecting a wallet to accompany you on all of your outdoor adventures.

And Big Skinny certainly hasn't forgotten the customers who can't stand to be away from their mobile devices for even a second, which increasingly seems to be most - if not all - of us. That's why Big Skinny crafted the Cellphone Sport Wallet. This is a sporty wallet with an elasticized pocket for your phone, which it contains with an elastic strap and a magnetic snap. It also features two card pockets and an ID pocket, giving you plenty of room to store everything you could possibly need on a trip to the slopes. What's more, the Cellphone Sport Wallet also has a perimeter zipper to make extra sure nothing falls out while you're honing your Shaun-White-caliber moves. That also means your phone will be handy to prove to your friends - and the world that your Double McTwist 1260 actually happened. Although you may want to bring someone along to help you film it. Even Shaun White doesn't document his own tricks.

If you're more of a weekend snow bunny with a high-powered job during the rest of the week, you can maintain your polished image with Big Skinny's Buffed Leather Sport Bifold. This is truly the best of both worlds with top-grain leather on the outside and microfiber on the inside. In other words, it's a sport wallet with a truly classy look. No one will mistake you for simply another ski bum when you're sporting Big Skinny's Buffed Leather Sport Bifold. Like Big Skinny's other sport wallets, the Buffed Leather Sport Bifold has double-edged stitching and rounded corners for extreme durability and comfort.

If that isn't enough, Big Skinny has plenty of other wallets with great features that make them particularly friendly to the active set. After all, these are the world's thinnest wallets, so Big Skinny knows a thing or two about competition and record-setting and can relate to your own pursuits.

Not only are Big Skinny wallets thin and lightweight, they fit in most pockets and are comfortable. That's in part thanks to Big Skinny's divide-and-conquer design for cards, which essentially spreads the wealth and helps ensure your wallet lays flat.
Big Skinny wallets also include rubber backing to help cards and money from sliding out. And that's a terribly handy feature if you're really, truly active. Think about it.

Big Skinny wallets are water-resistant, too. That means you won't have to shop for a new wallet should your Big Skinny wallet find its way into a pool or a lake or perhaps even an as-of-yet unidentified body of water.

What's more, Big Skinny wallets might even be good for your health. They drastically reduce wallet weight, which means less strain when you're carrying them around in handbags so there's less risk of neck, shoulder and back pain. They are also less likely to irritate sciatic nerves if you keep your Big Skinny wallet in your back pocket and spend time sitting on it. And surely these health benefits are something active consumers in particular can appreciate.

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