For anyone who carries their cash, credit cards, driver's license, personal photos and a range of other individual items around in a wallet, the age-old problem has been: How thick is too thick? Let's face it, you need a certain amount of currency and identification anywhere you go, and when all that stuff starts to accumulate in a wallet stored in your back pocket, it can become - literally - a pain in the butt.

Big Skinny has solved the problem by producing the world's thinnest wallets without short-changing users on space. These efficiently designed wallets for men and women have become an unqualified hit, and Big Skinny is not about to sit on the positive feedback without continuing to make improvements. In addition to men's and women's wallets, Big Skinny offers card cases, money clips, RFID wallets and travel wallets. says, "I love this company for their amazingly thin and stylish leather wallets." "Slim wallets are stylish and serve a purpose," says the Savannah Morning News.