Things to Look for in a Passport Wallet

Don't aggravate fellow flyers by holding up the line at airport security as you frantically scramble to search for your identification card or passport. Trust us - there's nothing more frustrating than running through the terminal and narrowly catching your flight because you were stuck behind an unprepared person!

Instead, make sure your boarding pass and ID are within easy reach with the help of a special passport wallet like the ones featured by Big Skinny. Keep the line moving for everyone's sake and make life easier.

Anyone who travels should look for a passport wallet that is convenient to use, lightweight, is easy to carry, and has enough compartments to handle all your important information. Wallets like the ones featured by Big Skinny feature special compartments to hold ID cards, credit cards, passports, money, photos, cash and smartphones. Keep all your important items in one location to ensure everything is right where you left it, right when you need it most.

Big Skinny passport wallets are unique because they have nylon microfiber material that's lightweight and specially designed to hold multiple cards without adding bulk. Eliminate that unsightly bulge in your back pocket. Not only will you have everything ready on demand, but you'll guard against theft from pickpockets who look for a large wallet bulges. Eliminate the appearance of being wealthy by carrying a wallet that looks like it contains less.

The wallet's highly efficient design will keep everything safe and tucked away until you need it most. Some Big Skinny designs have a smartphone pocket that has an elastic strap to keep devices protected too. Talk about efficient design planning!