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Panther Clutch Wallet Video Guide

Function With a Touch of Glam

We offer our Panther Clutch in a variety of colors to fit almost every occasion. The wallet is made using extra-thin nylon micro fiber material that's chiefly responsible for its super slim shape. A wrist strap has been added so you can secure it safely to your person without having to carry a purse or worry about dropping it. Note that the strap is detachable, so if you don't like it, you don't have to use it. Around the outer edge we've added a handy zipper that closes all the way around the pocket. Zipper offers an extra layer of security to ensure all of your valuables stay in your wallet.

Pockets Galore

The Panther fans open like an accordion. Inside you'll several pockets and slots for storing cards, cash and small items. When you open up the top, everything that's in your wallet will be clearly visible at a glance, so no more wasting precious minutes digging through your purse.

Six credit card pockets are able to hold a total of up to 40 plastic cards. There's also two extra-wide and short ID pockets that can house your photo ID. We made this pockets shorter so that the edges of your IDs can stick out over the tops given you something to grab on to when you need to pull them out.

In the two gusseted storage pockets you can store loose change, keys, lipstick or any other small items. These extra-wide storage areas are not to be confused with the two checkbook and billfolds pockets that are also included in this wallet. Additionally, we've also included a zippered coin purse so you can store loose change without worrying about it jingling around.

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