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New Yorker Card Holder Wallet Video Guide

The New Yorker Card Holder is a compact card carrying case that folds out just like a regular wallet. The big difference here is, all of your cards are clearly visible and easily accessible. No more digging through card pockets to get the card you need. However, if you do need to double up, each of the six card pockets in this card holder is able to hold up to three cards. We've also added two clear ID pockets which also have a capacity of up to three cards. In total, this card holder can carry around 24 plastic cards.

For the rare days when need to stash away a little extra cash, simply fold up your bills and slip them into one of the extra-wide card pockets. These pockets can easily accommodate the width of bills.

We make our card holders using ultra-thin nylon micro fiber to cut down on the excess thickness usually found in leather card holders. A card case should be design to be as compact and thin as possible. It should easily fit in the front pocket of your shirt or pants without creating a bulge. With a regular card case you probably wouldn't get away with that. With the New Yorker Card Holder you'll slip it into your pocket and forget it's even there until you need it.

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