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Multi-Pocket Bifold Wallet Video Guide

How Do We Save Space?

A big part of how Big Skinny creates ultra-thin wallets has to do with the materials we use to make them. Nylon micro fiber is the key to this. For our regular multi-pocket bifolds we use nylon micro fiber on the interior and exterior, which means they're resistant to water and tearing and they're totally machine-washable. Our hybrid bifolds of this model use nylon micro fiber on the inside to ensure slimness and top-grain cowhide leather on the outside for an extra dose of sleek sophistication.

On the interior there are four extra-wide card pockets that can hold up to four plastic cards. We make these pockets extra-wide because we know most people have trouble pulling cards in and out of credit cards pockets in a standard wallet. Running vertical along the spine are two hidden pockets that can also be used to store cards.

For those who need regular access to photo identification or key cards, we've include a card pocket with a clear plastic window. The window is framed in nylon micro fiber for extra durability and includes a thumbhole to facilitate quick access. With all of this roomy pocket space, expect to be able to carry around 20-25 plastic cards in this wallet.

In the billfolds area there's enough to hold all forms of international currency. We've also added a plastic bill divider to help with organization in case you also want to keep track of receipts. The divider can also be used as a key holder.

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