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Money Clip Slim Wallets

Magnetic Cash Clip
6 Reviews
Tuxedo Black MGCCBK3
Money Clip Wallet with Magnet
New Arrival or Best Seller
128 Reviews
tuxedo black MCBK2050chocolate brown MCBR2050Graphite MGGRAPHITE  (-11.95)Charcoal MCCHAR
Leather Magnetic Cash Clip
13 Reviews
Tuxedo Black LMGCBK3

Hide the clip

The Acrobat money clip bi-fold wallet has a money clip inside the wallet. The billfold area is gone, because you can clip your folding money inside in the center of the wallet. This compact bi-fold Big Skinny wallet with a money clip suspended inside is a great buy for men and women who want a super thin wallet with instant access to their cash. It's only 1/4-inch thin on the spring end and 1/8-inch on the outside when closed.

Get messy

If you drop your Big Skinny nylon microfiber money clip wallet into a puddle while you're hiking, biking, camping or dodging wet places on city sidewalks, no worries. Remove the spring and machine wash the wallet. Then air dry. This makes the money clip with wallet attached a smart choice to pack for travel, construction work sites, and any outdoors professions. Speaking of rough-and-tough professions, we also carry Big Skinny badge money clip wallets with recessed areas to secure your badge for police, fire, paramedic and forest ranger duties.

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