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Microfiber Vs. Leather Wallets

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Leather: A Textile as Old as Time

Leather may be one of the world’s oldest textiles. In the late 1800s, a leather tannery was excavated from the famously buried ancient Roman town of Pompeii, suggesting that the origins of leather in manufacturing could date as far back as 79 A.D. The iconic appearance of the material, made typically by tanning animal rawhide and skin, is used in a huge array of industries, and is a fashion fundamental that transpires trend and time. Because of the span of time leather has been around, its construction, uses and manufacturing techniques are broad - but one thing’s for sure: it’s as much of a modern-day staple as it was 2,000 years ago.

The durable, flexible material is ideal for a wide range of apparel applications, especially in wallets, handbags and belts. Our leather wallets, which come in a vast assortment of sizes, colors and styles, are made from top-grain leather, a thinner, more pliable version of full-grain leather. This type of material is known to withstand damage better and preserve its finish for longer than other varieties of the material. Leather products are also known for their durability and toughness, and are even used in heavy machinery, so you can rest easy knowing your wallet will endure for years of quality service. Our leather wallets come in bi-fold, tri-fold, checkbook, money clip and passport holder styles, and we even offer leather cellphone wallets to impart a layer of unrivaled protection between your electronics and the elements.

Because all of our wallets - including traditionally clunky leather ones - are designed to be 50 percent thinner than the standard variety, top-grain leather is a fine option. This thin, high-quality material is a great option for fashion-forward wallet-lovers, because it’s durable, lightweight and more stain-resistant than some types of leather, but still offers that classic, natural leather look. Big Skinny’s leather wallets weigh about 1 ounce, while regular leather wallets typically weigh around 3 to 6 ounces, but they don’t compromise on quality or construction. If you want an incredibly thin wallet but aren’t ready to part with the look and feel of high-quality leather, these bold billfolds are your best option. And let’s face it: no material can stand up to the heavenly scent offered by aged leather.

A Combination of the Two

If you’re still hung up on which textile you like best, check out or selection of leather hybrid wallets. Regular leather wallets separate all your cards and cash using thick leather layers on the inside, but our hybrid versions are made with our 10-times thinner nylon where there would be leather, helping to streamline the entirety of the wallet so it doesn’t get in your way. The thin, flexible top-grain leather still covers the exterior, so you get the look of leather with the high-function appeal of microfiber in a single, stand-out wallet. A nylon microfiber interior means non-slip credit card slots, stain resistance and water repellency, while the leather exterior delivers a classic, all-natural look that lasts. Using these two top-choice materials, we’ve created your new favorite accessory: the nylon microfiber leather wallet.

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