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Lynx Mini-Clutch Wallet Video Guide

Let's start with the material. The fabric used to make the Lynx is our famous nylon micro fiber material. We like using it for our wallets because it's tough, water-resistant and paper thin. Using nylon micro fiber makes for a much thinner and significantly lighter wallet. The edges and seams of the wallet are glued and double-stitched to combat fraying.

Anyone who loves multi-tools and compact designs will absolutely love the Lynx. It's small, but mighty. A whopping 30 plastic cards can fit in its card pockets via five extra-wide credit card pockets. The ID pocket is also extra-wide and features a clear plastic window with a thumbhole opening.

Travelers and hikers will also find this wallet extremely useful for storing sightseeing tools like a point and shoot camera. The water-resistance of the material makes this wallet an excellent camera case. There are two gusseted pockets which you can use to store a small camera. A cloth divider separates these pocket in case you want to store other small items in the wallet, like coins or folded up bills.

A zipper closure runs all the way around the outer edge to keep everything inside safe and secure. Flip the Lynx over to the back and you'll notice yet another card pocket. On the edge of this pocket there's an elastic loop sewn-in for attaching a set of keys or a pen. A second elastic loop can be found sewn into the divider of the gusseted pockets.

On the front of the wallet is a partially gusseted zippered coin pocket, which of course can be used to stash loose change or any other items.

To clean the Lynx you can stick it in the wash with your regular laundry. Let it air dry for around 20 minutes before repacking.

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